Russia’s central bank says hackers attack its website

Well, I told you so.

In my March 4th blog post, I predicted that an attack on Russian banks may be launched and it appears that is what is happening today (March 14th). The Russian central bank’s website has been brought down and the Kremlin website has been experiencing unexplained problems.

You can expect the Russian government to downplay the issue, probably calling them “temporary technical problems”. The truth is that they are probably in a panic trying to get everything back on course as the bank was supposed to make an important announcement on interest rates today. The Russian stock market and ruble are already plunging and this should just kick them further down into the economic abyss.

Russia will probably retaliate but, as I explained, it may be difficult for them to precisely find where the attack came from. No doubt they will suspect Ukrainian hackers and we should see a counter attack on Ukrainian government sites and banks.

The big question remains: Has World Cyberwar I begun?

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