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Facebook Messenger and Linkedin Users: You are Being Targeted

(When I began writing this post, the exploit described only affected a specific image file and Facebook users. It has now been found in other image file formats and is targeting Linkedin as well as Facebook.) It starts with a … Continue reading

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Major Software Companies Pay to be Hacked at Pwnfest 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice to be paid $120,000 for 4 seconds of work? This is not a trick question to lure you into some money making scheme… or is it? Because at the annual white-hat hacker, bug-finding festival, known as … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Hacker, Algorithm and Other Movies about Hacking

As someone who writes about cybersecurity, I often have a problem with watching movies about hacking and hackers. Here’s the typical scenario. A computer containing vital information needs to be hacked into. The silly owner seems to have blocked access … Continue reading

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The 19th Century New England Whaling Industry and Quantum Mechanics

Whatever happened to the New England whaling industry? At one time, whaling was the 5th biggest industry in the US, but 50 years after reaching its peak, the whaling industry was dead. And it wasn’t just the whaling industry that … Continue reading

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