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Talking to the Dead in Virtual Graveyards: Digital Death and Virtual Resurrection

The dead have always tried to speak to us. Walk through almost any graveyard and you will see epitaphs written by those whose physical remains have long since blended with the soil while their words live on. Such words give … Continue reading

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How Many of Your LinkedIn Contacts are Fake and What Do They Want From You?

The purpose of LinkedIn is to help people make business contacts. It’s natural, then, that if someone wants to become one of your contacts, you will accept them, right? Well, there are people out there who will be happy to … Continue reading

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“Should I let the browser remember my password?” Not as Easy a Question as You May Think

 When I was recently asked this question about saving passwords in the browser, my instinctive response was to say, “no, of course not.” After all, I reasoned, a browser is just software, and all software is vulnerable to a variety … Continue reading

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What Do the Top Cybersecurity Firms Predict for 2017?

It’s that time when cybersecurity firms are predicting what will happen in the year ahead. But, as I reported in my last post, often the most serious cybersecurity breach is never even considered. No one really thought the entire internet … Continue reading

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How Did Major Cybersecurity Firms do in Predicting the Breaches of 2016?

To continue a seasonal tradition I began a few years ago, I will assess how some major cybersecurity firms (as well as myself) did in predicting the cyber attacks for the past year. The reason for doing this is that … Continue reading

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