Has the Budweiser Twitter Account Been Hacked?

I was researching fake news related to the NFL-Anthem controversy today and decided to check in on tweets related to NFL sponsors. Most had taken a middle-of-the-road position in a conflict that is not allowing a middle-of-the-road position.

When I checked to see how Budweiser was responding to numerous attacks, this is what I found.

bud twit

Notice that the account is verified. So what’s the deal?

I checked an associated site, @BudweiserUSA and the latest tweet was this.

bud lyft

However, the @Budweiser link goes to the account shown above. Although not yet reported in the news, at least not that I could find, either their main account has been taken over or it is being set up to send out fake news. Just read the comments on this tweet to get an idea of what pressure Budweiser is coming under from irate NFL fans.

Their associated site, @Anheuser-Busch is operating but is under a similar attack. Their last tweet

anheuser diversity

produced a tirade of angry responses. Here is an example of one of the nicer ones.


Well, you get the picture. I could not get the Budweiser to completely load, which could be a sign that they are experiencing heavy traffic.

I sent Budweiser a message but was told the reply would come in a week or more.

In the meantime, don’t trust any news you hear from Budweiser, especially negative news. This all may just blow over but, for now, all news emanating from sites related to NFL sponsors should be treated with caution.

A complete post on this situation will appear in the near future.


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