5G Networks: Inevitable but Problematic

5G stands for 'Fifth Generation', meaning the 5th generation of mobile technology. No matter what you may hear to the contrary, it will become the new standard. The problem will be getting to that level, because there are, as with all new technologies, problems that must be overcome. For the moment, the positives outbalance the … Continue reading 5G Networks: Inevitable but Problematic

U.S. Veterans Targeted by Iranian State Hackers

In a recent post, I suggested that the U.S. had declared cyberwar against Iran. This was made clear when President Trump gloated over the misfiring of one of Iran's rockets. In fact, Iran has had trouble testing numerous missiles and rockets ever since George W. Bush gave a thumbs-up to the infamous Stuxnet attack which … Continue reading U.S. Veterans Targeted by Iranian State Hackers