Election Scams: The Unsurprising October Surprises

There seem to be three main types of election meddling making the rounds. These take the forms of phishing scams, disinformation scams, and direct meddling . Here is some information on each of these. Election-themed Phishing Scams All phishing scams need a victim's attention. They get this by piggybacking their malware on recent events or … Continue reading Election Scams: The Unsurprising October Surprises

Alien Invades Android Phones

Calm down. I'm not suggesting that an intergalactic visitor is taking over your phones. I'm suggesting something far worse. Alien is a new banking Trojan that can, among other things, bypass two-factor authentication (2fa) to get control of your bank account. Not only that, but any would-be hacker can rent this malware to use as … Continue reading Alien Invades Android Phones

Operation DisrupTor Does Not Disrupt Tor

On September 22nd, the United States Department of Justice announced the results of an international anti-opioid operation targeting deep web buyers and sellers. The operation was named Operation DisrupTor. Here is a graphic released by the DOJ which gives the results of the operation as well as the countries that participated. Now, I'm not saying … Continue reading Operation DisrupTor Does Not Disrupt Tor