So You Want to Hire a Hacker? Here’s What You Need to Know

I’ve written previously on this topic but more in the line of getting involved with ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). At that time, this was a relatively unknown area. It is now mainstream. Ransomware is everywhere and new variants of it show up every day. If this is what you’re interested in, you’ll have no problem finding information on such services but I certainly won’t promote them here. I will also not include links to any site that I feel is up to no good.

I’m going to assume, for the purposes of this post, that you don’t want to hire an ethical hacker (whitehat). An ethical hacker may act like a hacker to test your website or company network. They will find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious actor (blackhat). As I’ve pointed out many times before, hiring such hackers is not without some risk. There is, for example, no reason why they wouldn’t sell the vulnerabilities they find to more unethical hackers or use them for their own gains. That said, lists of ethical hackers and their qualifications and profiles can be found online. Their services range in price from about $35 an hour to $150 an hour. Recruiting sites such as Upwork will give you all the information you will need.

 Can they be persuaded to do unethical hacking? I suppose that depends on what you’re willing to pay and how strong their ethical values are. A few of the hackers will explicitly state that, “I can NOT help people recover their accounts, find or track people, or solve any social media related problems”, which kind of shows there is a demand for hackers who can solve these problems.

And where there is demand, there will be supply. Yes, you can find sites that will help you find less ethical hackers to do your less than ethical bidding. And what are the credentials of these hackers? Pretty good if you can believe the information on these sites. They seem to have gathered together ethical hackers who need some extra cash with more reputable, but unethical, hackers from deep web sites. In other words, they are all unethical hackers for hire.  As one of these sites states, “our professional hackers are well trained and experienced. Most of our certified hackers have served top level companies for almost more than 10+ years which makes them capable and experts in what they do.”

Here are some stats that they give.

By these figures, it appears that not all customers were “happily satisfied” so keep that in mind.

And what is the cost? That will depend on what you want to do. Most of the social media hacking will range from $300 to $800. That assumes things go well for the hacker. If problems arise, which is quite likely, the price will be higher. Hacking a phone to set up spyware on a potentially cheating partner can cost up to $1200, and Bitcoin recovery will cost 10% of the amount recovered. No price is given for hacking into a school’s server to change a grade.

How can they promise a successful hacking of every site? They can’t. They will use basic tricks to fool the target into giving them their credentials or try some brute force password hacking programs. Usually, they get login credentials by leading the victim to a fake login page. Most spyware can’t be installed remotely and will need some help from the person who requested the hacking service. In fact, all clients will need to supply as much information as possible about their targets. Yes, some attacks will succeed.

However, be aware that many, if not most, of these hire-a-hacker sites are fake. They may simply exist to get your information (you need to give them contact information) or your money. They will also get all the information you know about your target. The reviews on these sites are fake. This woman, for example, gives a positive review on one of these sites.

But she appears on a number of other sites under different names making similar endorsements.

In other words, you could easily be scammed if you try to employ the services of hackers from such sites.

Another site called, Hackers Arise, claims to be a hacker training site. It does have valid information on a variety of hacking techniques which could be useful for researchers or for those wanting to learn how to protect their networks and devices. For this reason, I included a link to it. They say they are actively looking for hackers to hire, as they report here.

But who knows? They may just be trying to gather personal information on would-be hackers.

So, if you are seriously looking for a hacker, it seems you only have two alternatives. You can try to persuade an ethical hacker to do your bidding, or you could go to the deep web. But even here, there are no guarantees.

If you go to some of the deep web forums, you will always find people trying to find a hacker for one reason or another. Here are a few quotes from these forums which will give you some idea of what problems you will face.

“It’s been known for forever that it’s extremely hard to find a legit hacker on any DNM. Which is surprising honestly considering how in demand they are. But it’s very common for people o get scammed trying to pay for hacking.”

“Any professional offering these services won’t get out of bed for less than 2k. Anyone willing to accept less is either unprofessional and will mess it up or will scam you.”

“Depends what you need. Feel free to message me and I’ll let you know if I can assist.”

“If you have the skills to break into snapchat, whatsapp, facebook or even into gmail, please DM me and let’s talk business. To the scammers here, don’t I know all of you pretty well by now? Please don’t bother. NO payment upfront. Payment after irrefutable proof that you’re in the account.”

In other words, you will need to convince someone on one of these forums to do some hacking for you. Perhaps, you can have the site’s moderator act as an escrow agent, holding onto any payments until both sides are satisfied. Barring that, you would need the hacker to prove that they have actually gained control of the site or account you want attacked. This could be in the form of contact lists or emails that only the account’s owner would be aware of. After that, you’d be on your own. Hopefully, the hacker would give you the login credentials. But keep in mind that this is going to be a risky enterprise no matter how you look at it.

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