Is Your Spouse an Alien? It Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars to Find Out

I’ve seen a lot of weird scams in my time writing this blog, but this one may take the number one position. When I first saw it reported on the Better Business Bureau website, I thought someone must be messing with them. However, after some investigating, I found that this scam is not only ongoing and hosted on trusted sites, but it has been raking in some big bucks for the perpetrator. It all makes you question the gullibility of some members of the species.

Here is how the scam was reported.

Scam Description

Zhongzheng Kuwei claims that he is an alien from outer space and he sells 200ml of soulsource water for $150. He claims that his soulforce water heals cancer, insomnia, covid-19, broken arm, and all types of diseases. Additionally, he sells his Lingpai for $3,000 to cure diseases. My spouse purchased a Lingpai, which he claims is a mathematical calculation performed by Zhongzheng Kuwei connecting his patient to a dead spirit in the past. Zhongzheng Kuwei also trains patients who desire to become an alien from outer space as well. He now claims that my spouse is an alien. Zhongzheng Kuwei has been preying on my spouse and is scheming for our family money. Zhongzheng Kuwei was detained by the Nanshan, China police and charged with fraudulent money schemes in 2013. He has since been in the United States after escaping from the Chinese authorities and investigations. He is using the same fraud scheme on my spouse, as well as the elderly and vulnerable Chinese living in California, New York, and New Jersey. Zhongzheng Kuwei only receives direct payments to his PayPal account and WeChat money account, he does not provide an invoice for the products and services he provides, and thus he is evading taxes.

Okay, so there’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, who is Zhongcheng Kuwei?  You may rightly think that this is some fake name, but think again. It didn’t take long to find his listing on LinkedIn. Okay, fine, but maybe he hides under another type of business. Nope. He makes his business quite clear.

And, as if this couldn’t get more bizarre, he goes onto explain his expertise. “I have been a doctor since 1990. From 2010, I treat diseases through Soulforce Medicine. That is letting the soul of dead people or dead animals leave the patients. The diseases that hospital can’t treat are caused by the soul of dead people or dead animals possessed the patients. I can communicate with the soul and the family of patients through phone.” So, apparently, he uses his smartphone, or extremely smartphone, to talk to dead people and dead animals. Do they all speak English or Chinese after they die? What phone service provider do they use and how do they pay? If they simply can communicate without a phone, why use a phone at all? His LinkedIn page has links to some of his videos so you can see him in action, mostly with a phone and a few other props in an empty room.

He puts up lots of videos about such topics as how UFOs cause all sorts of problems. Other compelling videos are entitled, Mother Sleeps Poorly (Ducks in River Ice Cave) and the ever popular, Father has Difficulty Swallowing (Forking the Snake). And who would want to miss, Father Silent (Fish in the Bath, Bath Color Monotony). (There’s a chance Google Translate may not be exact here.)

You would think that he would be in more demand as he lists some pretty impressive skills. “I can see the soul world. I can resolve the supernatural things. I can treat diseases that hospital can’t treat. I can know the past life of person and can foresee the future.” In other articles, he explains such complex topics as global warming. You see, since 2002, aliens have been adding hydrogen to the sun, which made it hotter. This is all in preparation for their moving the sun to between Mars and Jupiter. So you see, it is useless to take any actions against global warming unless you can kill the aliens causing this problem. Sadly, in other articles, Kuwei explains that these aliens may be invisible so good luck.

Now, all of this could just be dismissed as the ravings of an eccentric unless there is a scam behind it all. Besides his LinkedIn account, Kuwei maintains a Facebook account, an Instagram account, and a Twitter account with over 8,000 followers. Having a number of accounts legitimizes a person, especially if they need to build credibility for people they may be trying to scam. The videos also help, You can find them on his YouTube channel. He has a book on Amazon that you can buy for $75. In other words, all the infrastructure for a scam is in place.

My guess would be that he would charge a fee for freeing you from the clutches of a dead person’s or dead animal’s soul. He may also have a marketplace where he sells magical products. So, I set out to find information on this.

It was not easy to find this information because his Soulforce Medicine website is in Chinese. Everything I quote here is, therefore, translated through Google which may give it an odd flavor. It does appear that he will consult a person by phone to remove an evil soul from their body. This will cost $3000 per session. Other family members can participate but “non-believers can not participate”. Gee, I wonder why?

It appears that a victim must pay up front through a bank transfer. However, after treatment, the patient is told that “if satisfied, please donate to my organization to develop the spiritual drainage industry.” There’s an industry for this? We are also informed that more sessions may be necessary because sometimes more souls are involved. Yeah, I bet.

Although Kuwei lives in Los Angeles, he seems to be targeting Chinese speakers. The link to his English marketplace seems to have been removed; however, I was able to get some prices from his Chinese language site. The prices are converted from Chinese yuan. Here they are.

Soulforce Water


Quantum Resonance Information Water (spirit water) (10 ml spray bottle) $22

Although I could find no price for the Lingpai solution mentioned in the BBB complaint, it wouldn’t surprise me if this topic came up once he had a fish on the line.

It is highly likely that these products do not deliver what they promise, but they probably don’t contains any harmful ingredients. It is, however, possible that Kuwei’s counseling plus his snake oil treatments deliver some sort of hysterical cure. Remember that the placebo effect is real. It just doesn’t stand the test of time.

I’m not sure if Kuwei actually believes the nonsense he disseminates. Maybe he does. However, that does not mean he bears no responsibility for any damage that he does. Cures like his prey on vulnerable people, often people with incurable diseases who are grasping at any possibility to avoid death. Others may be looking for alternative cures because they distrust regular medicine. They may forego cures which could save their lives by falling for products that have no health benefits. Here is an example from the What’s the Harm? website which claims that around 370,000 people were killed by false cures.

‘My mother was driven by a desire to do what was right, and these quacks turn medical care into a moral issue. She was afraid of the doctors and their motives, and afraid that trusting them showed moral weakness. I think the driving force for most of these quacks is money. They use fear and deception, and other “mind games” to maintain their hold on people. I am angry and frustrated at what they did to my mother and my family, but more frustrated to know that they are all still out there practicing and deceiving other people.”

Mr. Kuwei could be imprisoned or fined for these false claims. He could also face individual lawsuits. His entire business operation could be shut down. He is probably trying to avoid authorities by maintaining only his Chinese site.  On the surface, it may seem logical to take action against Kuwei, but this is not as easy as it may sound. There are many health supplements and fake health cure advocates out there. In the end, the average person has the right to be stupid. So if you really believe your wife may be an alien…

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