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Marketing consultant for InZero Systems, developer of the next generation in hardware-separated security, WorkPlay Technology. I've worked in Poland, Japan, Korea, China, and Afghanistan. I'm a writer, technical editor, and an educator. I also do some work as a test developer for Michigan State University.

Watch Out For the Dangerous UPS/FedEx Delivery Scam  

Scams targeting the delivery chain have been around for as long as people have ordered merchandise on the internet. They vary mainly in the part of the chain they target and the severity of their goals. Some scams, sent by … Continue reading

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The New Generation, Gen Z: “We don’t want to end up like Millennials”

Gen Z (a.k.a. iGen) refers to those individuals born around 1995. It’s the generation composed mostly of today’s teenagers. They were born with the internet firmly in place and with smartphone use becoming mainstream. They have no substantive recollection of … Continue reading

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The Banking Trojan that Uses the 711 Million Exposed Email Addresses: Why You Should Be Concerned

  If you haven’t yet checked to see if your email address was compromised in the recent password exposure, go and do it now. You can type in your email address here. This will give you the dumps that your … Continue reading

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Massive 711 Million Emails and Passwords Dumped and You Are Probably on the List…I was

A malware researcher going by the Twitter handle, Benkow moʞuƎq, has uncovered a huge stash of emails and passwords stored on an open server in The Netherlands. The stolen credentials were apparently harvested by a spambot known as, Onliner. This … Continue reading

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How Free Security Tools and Online Scanners Are Used by Hackers

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools are becoming more common on those networks which allow access to a wide variety of endpoints such as smartphones and tablets. Basically, these tools continuously monitor behavior on these devices to see if anything … Continue reading

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The Awan Family Scam:  A Triumph of Political Correctness Over Cybersecurity

After being subjected to numerous, damaging cyber attacks, you would think the Democrats would have learned their lesson and become more cybersecurity aware. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. As the scam perpetrated by the Awan family … Continue reading

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