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Solving the Mobile Device in the Workplace Dilemma:
 InZero Systems offers 2-Tablets-in-1

InZero Systems, Herndon VA, has created an Android tablet – – the WorkPlay Tablet™ – – with two hardware-separated operating systems. Operations taking place in one system (including the actions of any malware) cannot access the other.

One OS is called the WorkZone, and the other the PlayZone, which recognizes that tablets are increasingly used for both enterprise and personal purposes. WorkPlay Technology™ solves the problem of exposing enterprise data to malware introduced through personal use.

The two OS’s do not share resources (they are hardware-separated), making cross-contamination impossible. This distinguishes WorkPlay technology from methods such as sandbox/containerization, virtualization, and profile separation. This effectiveness of this critical hardware-enforced separation of resources has been independently confirmed by Cygnacom Solutions, Inc. of McLean, VA. WorkPlay Technology™ can work in conjunction with any other the security scheme.

Each Zone can be managed independently and each can contain whatever Android security applications the enterprise desires. InZero also offers firmware-embedded Mobile Device Management for maximum IT administrative control in a Zone. Switching between Zones takes place with the touch of an icon. The Tablet also embodies additional security features such as AES256 encryption and a secure boot.

Tom Suder, of Mobile.Gov observed, “I have seen a lot of new mobile technologies introduced in the past few years, but this is the first time I have seen an Android tablet like this. InZero has created a dual persona tablet with complete hardware separation, not utilizing a container or virtualization. This is truly innovative technology that should be watched.”

Lou Hughes, Chairman of InZero, (former President of General Motors International, CEO of Lockheed Martin and U.S. State Department Chief of Staff for Afghanistan Reconstruction) noted, “We think the WorkPlay Technology keeps important data out of harm’s way by making sure that it can’t be corrupted through casual or careless use of the device, and that makes the administrator’s job much easier. Personally, I use one Zone just for online transactions, and the other for everything else.”

The Technology can also be adapted to mobile devices using CPUs with Trustzone technology.

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